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Image by Steve Johnson

Extraordinary services, I'd recommend to anyone. Fast, accurate and excellent attention to details.

VA Clean LLC

Image by Fuu J

I first saw Ivan's paintings at my brother-in-law's office. I started looking for the one that spoke to me. I love dragonflies. So, I got my dragonfly. Ivan was also sweet enough to paint a cardinal for my sister. Then I "needed" the huge colorful butterfly that totally brightens my bedroom. To date I have purchased 5 of Ivan's paintings. Each is so beautiful, it's a little addicting. This week, my favorite piece so far, the purple/grey elephant on the red ball arrived and is hanging in the guest room. It is a girl's room with a little bit of boho, purple Blenko glass, parasols, fluffy pillows, and the elephant just fits right in.

Michelle Lytton

Abstract Paint

I can't tell you how much I was moved by your work. I can hardly believe I have such beautiful things hanging in my home. Absolutely beautiful.

Mary Doyle

Abstract Liquid

Absolute delight, we need light relief paintings to look at, to cheer us up at this time. I love that the animals are real life like but have a comical expression on there face, it makes you smile each time you see them.

Thank so much.

Alexandra Brangman

Abstract Gradient

Ivan, Intuitively, creatively and patiently expressed my essence in a logo.  Impressive to say the least!

Evangeline Rock


We purchased beautiful paintings for our home.  Beautiful and unique, they create a wonderful ambiance for our home.

Mellisa and Dennis Allen

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Ivan Pesic has the soul of a brilliant artist which he lets flow onto canvas. He works in many style giving him a wide breath from which to choose.

Yet he is a humble family man living in our community with his wife and two children. To meet him is to make a new friend.

Lou Boden
The Spiritheart Collective


-Music from my heart to yours-

Image by JJ Ying

The painting I purchased by Ivan Pesic resonated with me because of the beautiful colors he used, particularly for the bird. His paintings are vibrant and full of texture. This may be my first Pesic, but it will not be my last.

Elizabeth Torres Evans


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