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We provide the entire spectrum of visual communication services both in traditional and digital media.
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Graphic Design

IP Art Studio is a full service graphic design studio. Our team of experienced graphic designers  provide creative and technical solutions for our national customer base. Clients benefit from a diverse team with an average of over 20 years of professional graphic design experience. We provide leadership and guidance throughout each project phase — from initial conception to final production.




IP Art specializes in professional graphic design for use in print media.  We can provide professional graphic design and creative layout for the following print materials:


  • Magazines

  • Industry Publications

  • Reports and Corporate Materials

  • Mailings

  • Brochures

  • Business Cards

  • Logos and Promotions

  • Books with visual content and dynamic layout



IP Art Studio provides cost effective solutions for all of your digital graphic design objectives. Using the most advanced design software available, our team of creative experts develop powerful graphics for use in digital publications. Some of our specialties include:

  • e-Books

  • Web optimized logos

  • E-mail campaigns

  • Newsletters

  • Online marketing materials

  • Advertisements

  • Favicons

  • E-zines



Fine Art Services



There has been many times where we have come across photos of old family members or something that reminds us of our past. Unfortunately, most of these photos are very old and discolored and it is sometimes very difficult to see the true beauty of the image.


Like most people you would love to display the photo, but fear that this may get damaged even further. Now you do not have to worry about this as we make photo restoration an art with an outstanding oil portrait. You may even wish to turn an old black and white photo into color, all of this is possible.


We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee with your order. The portrait will be 100% hand painted and of museum quality.


Time to start getting your old photos together to order your portrait which would be a great talking point for all your family and friends to see.



Inspired By Your Favorite Photos


Looking for a "surprise" gift for a birthday, anniversary, or the holidays? Portrait paintings are the perfect gift. Capture favorite memories in an exciting art piece for your special someone.


Each portrait is an original work of art, custom designed specifically for your family to enjoy. Our artist have the gift to look deep into your photos and bring them to life. We handpaints your spectacular portrait, stroke by stroke, in traditional acrylic or oil styles. Our artist works with you, painting a personalized portrait to enhance your home and bring you comfort. Our artworks show the time and care it takes to create a portrait that will be treasured for generations.





Pyrography is the art of writing with fire; an ancient craft used by artists around the world to permanently mark a variety of surfaces. I take great pride in putting a modern twist on pyrography and exposing a new generation to the possibilities of this niche medium.


Most of the work We do is commission based, and working with a variety of different clientele to create art has really helped expand our portfolio.


One of the beautiful things about wood is that every piece is unique and brings its own character to a project. I often use recycled or reclaimed wood and do our best to highlight the natural beauty of each piece.

Image by Robin M.


Our custom wall murals are a creative and fun way to liven cold, bare walls. Custom murals are great for all rooms, homes and offices. Wall murals are also great for all ages and occasions. They make a great background scene in a child's room, playroom or nusery. They also make a great addition to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or even a great addition to any wall in your offices waiting room area.


Whatever your need is for a mural, IP Art Studio is your go to expert for custom mural painting. Our artists will take your vision and transform it into a breath-taking custom mural in your home or office.

Henna Body Art

Image by Jakayla Toney



Unwind with personalized henna designs. Reserved by appointment only, these sessions will elevate your mood and leave you with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wearable art.





Treat yourself and your guests to eye-catching, freehand henna designs. These walking favors will have people talking about your event long after the cake is cut and you’ve said your goodbyes.







Immerse yourself fully in the milestones of your life. From bridal designs to henna crowns, from baby bumps to boudoir, we are thrilled to make your most special moments unforgettable.




Quality Henna Powder

Essential Oils

Mixing Components




Aftercare Solutions



Profesional, Licenced Artist

Unique Designs

Natural, Organic Ingredients

Image by James Douglas
Image by Evan Clark

Art Rental Program

Image by chris robert
Image by Alejandro Escamilla

Renting art is an affordable way to enhance the appearance of your home, office, premises, public areas, tv/movies sets, etc. For potential buyers, this service is an opportunity to live with an artwork before committing to the final purchase. For staging, you can present your home in its best and most appealing look to the majority of homebuyers. For businesses, you can treat the cost of renting artwork as an operating expense, which then, reduces taxes.


With Art Rental Program, you can rent with zero interest costs. The minimum rental period is 2 (two) months, and at the end of the second month you could either keep renting every month, purchase the artwork, change the artwork for another one, or terminate the rental agreement. If you rent artwork for a one year, artwork become yours.


How does it work?


Most original paintings for sale are available for rent, except for a few that might be on hold for exhibitions, potential buyers, etc. Paintings are available for selected pieces only. Rental periods range from 2 to 12 months. Rental fees depend on the price of the artwork (see chart below). If you wish to purchase the painting you have rented after x months, the rental fee already paid will be deducted from the total price of the artwork. Or, if you wish to change the painting for another one, just contact us and request to replace your current rental with another painting. Your satisfaction is very important to us!


Clients may seek consultation from us to provide assistance in selecting works to suit every taste and budget. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the rental price and must be paid in full prior to the delivery of the painting. If you would like to commission a work exclusively for your company, please contact us to arrange the details.


Keep in mind, that your rental program can be extended, canceled or replaced at any time.

We Guarantee


  • Original Paintings direct from the Artist.

  • Free consultations

  • Art rotation.

  • Free local Delivery & Installation in Augusta County, VA (within 25 miles).

  • Contract Flexibility.

  • Excellent Customer Service.




We also sell paintings on a consignment basis. For example, a painting are exhibited at your gallery, restaurant, hotel, etc. In the event any artwork is sold, you get an agreed commission from the proceeds.


We can replace the artwork within days with a similar or different painting at your request. We could also rotate your art according to your terms or at 3 month, 6 month or annual intervals to refresh your walls.

We can work together to establish a fair market value for each painting, and usually related expenses and insurance are generally covered by the gallery/business for the period of the consignment. We offer free advice on hanging, framing, cleaning the artwork, and more.




If you need art for events, party, promotion etc. you can rent artwork for a period of 2-7 days. Flat rate for all artwork is $5 per day (24 hours) for one piece.

Art Consulting



We work with you to select the ideal artwork for your project, vision and budget.  Following an initial consultation, we will source artwork options for your review, specifically catered to your space.  If the perfect artwork doesn’t already exist, we will work with skilled artists, fabricators and our in-house team of designers to create your custom piece.




IP Art Studio provides you with one point of contact to the world of art through our proprietary database of publishers, museums, guilds, galleries and artists.  We are extremely proud of our relationships with local, regional and national artists at various career stages.  We bring our years of selective recruiting and outreach with painters, photographers, sculptors and fabric artists to each and every project.




We're known for delivering your artwork on-time and on-budget. We work with you to decide the absolute best use of your artwork budget, including presenting a written proposal.  Reviewing floor plans or touring your facility is a customary part of this process.  Please don't hesitate to call us for a "brain-storming" consultation early in the construction process to ensure your long-range vision is accomplished.




We're proud to have the region's best installers available to ensure that your artwork is installed professionally. We are on-site supervising our installations to make sure that every detail we discussed in the design meeting is exactly what we deliver.  We are committed to delivering the highest standards of excellence.

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